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Polyester Luminescent Metallic Yarn
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HWA YOUNG acquired the patent ownership on this product/process on March, 2015.


Polyester Luminescent Metallic Yarn, Glittering Powder, and Industrial Subsidiary Materials

By using high quality luminescent pigment which has superior light absorbing & emitting property, HWA YOUNG’s luminescent products emit light for 5 - 8 hours in no-light-condition after absorbing sunlight for 2 - 3 minutes or fluorescent light for 10 - 15 minutes.
Glowing time, brightness, and color can vary, but the minimum glowing time is 5 - 8 hours, and the standard/brightest color is yellow-green. The light sources can vary as well: Daylight, UV, Mercury lamp, fluorescent lamp, and etc.)
Glow-in-dark function of luminescent yarn and other products is semi-permanent. And, since it does not contain any innocuous substances, such as radioactive substance, promethium, and H3, it is not harmful to human health at all.

Use: Knit, Woven fabric, Embroidery, Raschel, Carpet, Pet products, Blanket, Curtain, Light cover, Shoes, Sneakers, Hiking boots, Rope, Wallpaper, Sticker, Outdoor(fishing, climbing, hiking), Safety products, Industrial materials, and etc.
원사, 실, 메탈릭얀, 특수사, 축광사, glow, luminescent, Thread, yarn, metallic yarn, jari,, lurex, special yarn, 발광사


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1. Luminous paint: Propylene kind, alcoholic acid kind, epoxy resin type of 
varnish is recommended to use.

2.Coating: Coating has its own coating powder-general phosphor powder, made by special coating treatment.
It can prevent the hydrolysis and improve the storage time of the luminous coating.

3.Plastic: Luminous powder can be added in the molding of plastic or light emitting plastic film panels, light-emitting plastic toys, plastic light-emitting Signs, etc.

4.Also used in ceramics.

5.Mixed with synthetic resin crafts molding.

6.Cosmetics use: glow nail polish.