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Changing Color (UV-Light) Type
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HWA YOUNG acquired the patent ownership on this product/process on December, 2015.

This special yarn changes its color when it is exposed to UV-Light, including sunlight. 

When the light source is blocked, such as product is moved into building or others, the color turns to its original color. 

This product does not contain any materials that is harmful to human body. It also satisfies every conditions stated in FTA. 

Use: Beach gown, towel, scarf, swimsuit, training Knit, Woven, Lace, Raschel, Accessories, Curtain, Kids, Toy, Rope, and etc. 





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원사, 실, 메탈릭얀, 특수사, 루렉스, Thread, yarn, metallic yarn, lurex, jari, special yarn, changing color, uv light, 변색사, 시광사, 자외선, 빛,
photochromic, 색깔, 변화, 색상


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Note: Product color can be modified depending on the client's need. 

Other Applications: 
Paint: suitable for use surface coating products suchas PMMA paint,
        ABS spray paint, PVC paint and water-based paint.

Ink: suitable to be printed on various kinds of material, such as fabric,
        paper, synthetic film and glass.
Plastic products: plastic injection and extrusion using high color density 
        PE or PMMA photochromic master batches.