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Irregular Multi - Metallic Yarn
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Normal multi-type metallic yarn is made of film which is printed by gravure printing technique. 

Key characteristic of normal gravure printing is regular pattern. It shows stripe patterns on the film which is about 3 - 5cm apart from one to another. However, because of this regular pattern, fabric made of multi yarn is known to be very easily copied by competitors. 

Unlike normal multi yarn, HWA YOUNG's irregular multi yarn goes through special procedures invented by HWA YOUNG. As a result, this irregular multi-metallic yarn cannot be imitated by competitors. 
When this yarn is used for circular knitting or woven fabric, even if work is done on solid material, it shows jacquard-like patterns. Add to that, this yarn can be dyed with nylon, acrylic, and rayon. 

Use: Fabric Clothing, interior, housing, accessories, and etc.

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Note: Product color can be modified depending on the client's need.