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Luminous Sequins
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Unlike other typical sequins, HWA YOUNG's luminous sequins are glowing in the dark.

By using high quality luminescent pigment which has superior light absorbing & emitting property, HWA YOUNG’s luminescent products emit light for 5 - 8 hours in no-light-condition after absorbing sunlight for 2 - 3 minutes or fluorescent light for 10 - 15 minutes. 
Glow-in-dark function of luminescent yarn and other products is semi-permanent. And, since it does not contain any innocuous substances, such as radioactive substance, promethium, and H3, it is not harmful to human health at all. 

Use: party wear, clothing, jewelry, bag, shoes, and
        lots of other accessories.

This item has Oeko-Tex Certification.



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Currently, three colors are available : Yellow green, pink, and green. More colors are coming, and please see below to find out how they glow in the dark. 

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When placing an order, please let us know which type of products and size (see below chart) is needed.  

How to order:
     1. Choose Color : Yellow-Green, Pink, or Green
     2. Choose Spec. of the item (See below chart)


Packaging : About 30 ~ 31kg
Box = 570mm x 210mm x 380mm

* Note1: All our products are available in different types of colors, sizes and packing. The Color, size and packaging of our products can be altered according to  client’s necessities or specifications. 

* Note2: Images may differ in appearance from the actual product. Therefore, if you are interested, please request a sample/catalogue via inquiry form below.